Writing articles for newspapers in pakistan karachi

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Writing articles for newspapers in pakistan karachi

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The adjective of "failed state" is often used to describe Pakistan. Is there more to the story than the big headlines? Is there hope for Pakistanis amidst the doom and gloom? Jinnah 's nd birthday today, I think there is. The telecommunication, information technology, higher education, media and the middle class progress started during Musharraf-Aziz years continues to have its impact on the country founded by the Quaid-e-Azam more the 61 years ago.

Here are a few things I found posted by a fellow blogger on Tech Lahore blog: Pakistan is the most connected country in South Asia, with the highest teledensity. Pakistan was the winner of the GSM industry association award.

Citations of Pakistani scientific publications are rising sharply. Over two dozen Pakistani scientists are working on the Large Hadron Collider ; the grandest experiment in the history of Physics.

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The Wall Street Journal did a story in September on Pakistan's start-up boom that said, "Scores of new businesses once unseen in Pakistan, from fitness studios to chic coffee shops to hair-transplant centers, are springing up in the wake of a dramatic economic expansion. As a result, new wealth and unprecedented consumer choice have become part of Pakistan's volatile social mix.

The change in Washington and potential change in Delhi in will likely have a far greater impact on Pakistan than anything Pakistani leaders say or do.

I am hopeful that people of Pakistan, especially the young entrepreneurial and the professional classeswill continue to do their best to help extend the positive legacies of Musharraf-Aziz years.

I believe it can be safely said that the communications revolution accompanied by dramatic growth in urbanization and the vociferous electronic and new media as well as a significant enlargement of the middle class in Pakistan helped sow the seeds of the end of arbitrary actions by President Musharraf.

In other words, Musharraf pulled a Gorbachev a la perestroika that unleashed uncontrolled energies by enabling powerful resistance to his arbitrary rule.


Some of these changes that Musharraf brought are durable and I hope will make our rulers more accountable. There will still be abuse of power but the media spotlight will hopefully shine brightly on it to the detriment of the abusers.

Eventually there will be real participatory democracy to serve all Pakistanis with appropriate checks and balances imposed by a much larger and more powerful and aware middle class essential for true democratic governance in Pakistan, or anywhere else.

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writing articles for newspapers in pakistan karachi

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