Write an account of lead discovery and optimization software

Lead Discovery Helps You Grow Your Lead Volume and Convert More Sales Lead generation and sales conversion optimization are two core activities businesses must master today in order to grow and prosper.

Write an account of lead discovery and optimization software

Unfortunately, software companies have a bad habit of thinking about product in isolation from the rest of the marketing mix. Unlike other businesses, SaaS creates a real-time, always-on connection between the customer and the company through the SaaS product.

Smart SaaS product managers look to establish this connection as early as possible and to leverage it throughout the entire SaaS customer lifecycle. This is the fifth and final post in a series that explores SaaS marketing strategies that drive growth throughout the customer lifecycle using the three fundamental SaaS growth levers: This final installment explores the product P in more detail providing Eleven Secrets of SaaS Product Design that drive growth at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

It is a seamless online experience…if you design it that way! And in the course of satisfying those needs, they drive revenue growth by pushing the three fundamental SaaS growth levers.

Below are eleven SaaS product management secrets for creating SaaS products that sell themselves, one secret for each stage of the SaaS customer lifecycle. Underscoring each secret are two enduring economic themes: They are SaaS growth drivers that challenge the creativity of SaaS product managers and encourage them to push SaaS product boundaries into the business to do things better, cheaper and faster than the competition.

What great SaaS product managers also know is that your SaaS product should be an integral part of your search and social strategy.

Does your SaaS product produce public pages that can be found by search engines? For example, customers often create useful and unique public content in the course of using a SaaS product, such as branded websites, widgets, profiles, comments, analyses, and so forth.

Smart SaaS product managers enable these pages to be created in volume as part of the natural product experience and automatically optimize them for search and social.

Search for any one of your favorite SaaS colleagues on Google and chances are that you will get a public-facing LinkedIn profile page in the top 5 results. Many SaaS products have untapped opportunities to get found in search with public-facing trial content, product content, educational content, community content, and so forth.

The important thing is that the content be a original, b useful and c optimized, so that both search engines and the people landing on the pages will find it of value.

Free trial facilitates product evaluation and shortens sales cycles. When trials are easily converted to production use, they also streamline purchase and adoption.

write an account of lead discovery and optimization software

Most customers are willing to pay for these benefits in the form of an inbound lead! It is far easier to get a customer to sign a contract after using your SaaS product than after seeing a demo. If this is not true, then you have bigger SaaS product issues than not offering a free trial.

The secret to successful SaaS free trials is relentless pursuit of these benefits.

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It should not only support self-serve purchase, but sales assisted purchase. Every purchase activity has potential for automation through e-commerce, including pricing, product configuration, trial account conversion, contract signing, payment, invoicing, billing and collections.

Ecommerce done well can simplify the sales process by setting clear customer expectations. For example, transparent pricing limits discounts and standard contracts reduce redlines. Robust Ecommerce lays the foundation for further SaaS product design secrets that drive growth later in the customer lifecycle through churn reduction, upselling and cross-selling.

In SaaS, purchase is part of your product. SaaS Product Secret 4 Design for Discovery If your customers are going to onboard themselves, then they need to be able to explore, understand, use and adapt your SaaS product without outside help, i.

The natural conclusion then is that your SaaS product must be self-learning. Each user logs into your SaaS product with a different level of interest and expertise, however, most SaaS products are defacto designed for the expert user. For each new feature that is added, the typical SaaS product manager will ask: Great SaaS products provide an experience that adapts to the interest and expertise of users over time.

Novice users are encouraged to explore essential tasks, while expert users are allowed to tailor tasks to their individual tastes for speed and efficiency.

write an account of lead discovery and optimization software

At the enterprise level, organizations can configure processes that meet essential business needs. Design for discovery supports the process of personalizing a SaaS product: Like most of the SaaS product design secrets, design for discovery has an impact that extends well beyond its primary purpose.

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The drug is most commonly an organic small molecule that activates or inhibits the function of a biomolecule such as a protein, which in turn results in a therapeutic . What is Lead Management Software? Lead management software provides users with the ability to capture, route, score, and nurture their sales leads.

Sales reps and lead buyers can use these tools to generate leads as well as to follow their progress across the entire lead management cycle from acquisition to conversion. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

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Eleven Secrets of SaaS Product Design