Write about suffix triest

Originally an Illyrian settlement, the Veneti entered the region in the 10th-9th c. Oderzo whose ancient name was Opitergium. Roman Tergeste flourished due to its position on the road from Aquileiathe main Roman city in the area, to Istriaand as a port, some ruins of which are still visible.

Write about suffix triest

What is the area being concerned?

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Is this the city of Trieste, the commune of Trieste, the province of Trieste or something else? What is the criterion of classification? It seems to be citizenship. What is the source of these data? Until these questions are answered, I think we can't include these data in write about suffix triest article, as we don't know what they mean.

Can I change this? However, the slavic origin is also possible, as suggested so far. Massimiliano Perez — Preceding unsigned comment added by I'm not sure about Slavic vs. And I think Triest is german.

I've also heard that the name Trieste actualy originates from the slovenian Trst. Can anyone confirm this? I've looked it up in a dictionary and it says: Some people say it comes from ter gestae, meaning it had to be built thrice, but most probably it has a celtic or protoitalic origin.

Yes, in Croatia you say Trst, that is slavic, originaly Slovenian name for that city. Terg este would mean market city which is again Slavic. Trieste, fortunately, was and remains a Romance town. Waeber —Preceding unsigned comment added by It is also interesting to note that there are many localities in Romania and Bulgaria called tergoveste, tergovisti.

It would be like saying that the name Vindibona Wien is of german origin. The similiarity of two sounds should not lead to gross historical errors. You have misundestood the above reference to the word 'trg'.

What I meant by that is a well known fact: The presence of this word in Albanian 'treg' is also evidence for an Illyrian connection. So the word was indeed present in the region thousands of years ago and long before Slavic languages were brought southwards.

But it is important to quote the loanwords into modern languages so that we can better understand the original meaning of the term.

In this case, Both Albanian and South Slavic languages agree on a general meaning of 'market' for this loanword, which is probably what it meant in Illyrian, too.

Cogoy Formerly Stephanos1ko And thank you for this explanation. I misunderstood You, but You shall pardon me as I found this theory in several essays and they all reported the word trg as slavic, thus indicating many town names as of slavic origin, even in areas where this large european group never inhabited, check it out in "Les Slaves" by Francis Conte.

Instead I agree with You as there must have been a common language that was used by indoeuropeans or preindoeuropeans people and whose word to indicate villages traded into many town names in the italian north east e. Trieste, Tarvisio, Treviso and other parts of Europe.

This has been proved with many other toponyms cfr. Cogoy, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you on the linguistic ground.

write about suffix triest

So linguistically, Tergeste does look like a Slavic name. There are other arguments which make us think that the origin was different than Slavic, but the linguistic argument is not among them.

I don't argue that your etimology of "Tergeste" is wrong. I just explain some things related to the Slavic languages. Sloven d ans have been living here for over The Slovenian language stems from the Proto-Slavic language.

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And Slavs arrived in the region of Trieste in the 6th century AD. Recent genetic research has demonstrated that most of European populations have remained quite stable, probably for the last The fact that small migrating groups have imposed their languages on a majority of natives is unsurprising, and in fact quite common throughout history.Contemporary Examples.

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