Who was most to blame for the death of eva smith essay

Follow the trail of responses and if you have anything to add please sign up or sign in. You can ask your own question or look at similar English Literature questions. There are many reasons for the death of Eva Smith. Each one of the Birling family and Gerald pushed Eva Smith a little closer to suicide but no one person was solely responsible for her death.

Who was most to blame for the death of eva smith essay

Hire Writer Birling a conservative upper class gentleman made, especially when he talks of the three issues; war which is never going to happen, the Titanic which will not sink and the miners who will not strike.

All these issues did took place and the audience have known of these facts. J B Priestley has written this play to send a message to the people of the middle-class in Britain to educate them on the difficulties suffered by the working class.

Priestley presents the character Mr. Birling to the audience as very pretentious and arrogant. He uses dramatic irony when Mr.

Who was most to blame for the death of eva smith essay

Birling talks of the three issues. This gets a carefully constructed image of Mr. Birling through to the audience, that both his ideas and political analysis are misguided. At the beginning of the play, Mr. Birling is giving a speech at the table including the three issues, when his maid Edna interrupts him, and she tells him an inspector has arrived.

The inspector enters and introduces himself as Inspector Goole. The timing of the entrance is crucial, as this reveals that behind the dining table, this prosperous middle-class family are very sinister.

Priestley uses the inspector to show the audience how hypocritical and arrogant the upper middle class men and women were. He portrays his message to the audience through the inspector.

Birling had employed Eva Smith at his works until September He then remembered her and explained about his involvement. Eva had been involved in a dispute over low wages and because she had been one of the ringleaders in the strike, he had dismissed her. The inspector explains to Mr.

Birling shows no remorse. Instead he tries to justify his actions: Gerald Croft defends him; however Sheila and Eric both disapprove. Birling is also discomforted by the way he is being challenged by the inspector and is especially bitter when he suggests to Mr.

Birling that he is using girls for cheap labour and getting his profit from this exploitation.


To Arthur Birling, as to others of his kind, workers were there to do a job and it was not his responsibility to look after their welfare. He firmly believed that he was being fair to his workers by paying them the going rates.

So from his perspective he was not underpaying his workers by the standards ofbecause most employees took advantage, setting the average pay very low for the working class.

He considered it his duty to keep labour costs down and stamp out any unrest among his workforce. However, Priestley wanted the employers to change their ideas about their employees. However, I did dislike his attitude when he found out about her death.

He was too concerned about keeping the story quiet to protect his position in society and his knighthood. Also he shows no remorse for his actions.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and grupobittia.com Who Was Most To Blame For The Death Of Eva Smith?

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Who was most to blame for the death of eva smith essay

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Order now. Who is to Blame for the Death of Eva Smith; What is Priestley's main aim in . An Inspector Calls-Who is the most to blame for the death of Eva Smith?

A short way into the start of the story, an inspector calls in on the Birling family to question them about some recent events concerning a girl called Eva Smith/5(1).

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