Web design agency case studies

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Web design agency case studies

Studios and freelancers alike can put together case studies ranging from branding, web design, mobile UI design, or even After Effects compositing. While they might not be useful for every project, there is drive among designers to fit more case studies into portfolio work.

A great case study will demonstrate not just technical proficiency but also a philosophical understanding of design principles. Most portfolio entries include some photos with extra details about the project.

This is fine and most definitely encouraged — but case studies are meant to explain the stages and hurdles of a project. Aside from actual mockups or completed designs you might also include some preliminary photos.

Basic prototypes, sketches, or even rejected design ideas. All of these things demonstrate knowledge to prospective clients or job recruiters. Take a look at the above case study from the portfolio of Jordan Price. His layout is exquisite and touches upon all the main areas of a project.

When you can show your process in this manner it opens up a world of opportunity. Basic portfolio entries might just show a finished project and some basic details. But anyone can show a finished project — people really want to see and learn about your process. Design interesting case studies to help others understand your creative process.

But with practice it gets a lot easier and really fun. Take for example the Basic Agency case study which incorporates sectioned areas for content.

Web design agency case studies

The project is broken down into phases with photos and descriptions of each one. The case study page uses a sliding navigation element so readers can skip between sections.

Keep this in mind at all times and be sure to conserve resources from each stage of a project. Show your Creativity Demonstrate your process in a true-to-life manner.

Take photographs of sketches on your desk or scan your sketchbook for a digital shot. Take apart your designs and create little diagrams with tooltips going into detail about each part. Creation is a somewhat elusive concept for non-creative people.

So visitors will always be curious to know more about your creative side and how you do the work you do.

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The portfolio website of Henry Bayuzick is rather simple yet straightforward. It looks all-business and his case studies come off with a similar vibe.

Each page includes plenty of written content but there are sketches and prototypes littered throughout. Before writing a new case study you might take down some notes or even write an outline of each section and how you want the content to flow.

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Add Personal Work Case studies do not always need to rely on client work. Most people call this spec work where a creative person makes something on speculation without the guarantee of payment. Sometimes this can be for a project which may sell in the future.

Other times it can be for project destined to be a portfolio piece. For example a talented UI designer may only receive inquiries related to websites and mobile applications. But this designer could also have prowess in another skillset like motion graphic design.

The moral here is to stay focused on particular areas which you truly enjoy. Show off your best work and prove that you know your stuff. Details are Everything The best case studies often take a slant towards being highly-detailed and specific.

Before delving into the process most designers will add extra features like tools, techniques, timeframe, clients or even co-workers. Some details may not be admissible into a public portfolio because of confidentiality agreements. However there are usually lots of details that you can share regarding the specifics of each project in stages.

How many iterations did you try before settling on the final one? Which techniques were used to create certain textures?all case studies. Learn more about our work, process and clients we have worked with through our selected case studies. As a full service London based creative, marketing and branding agency, we have an expansive range of service offerings and are able to cater to most creative and production briefs under one grupobittia.com have a team of 35+ experienced and talented commercial photographers, art.

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Not only are case studies a great way to explain the design process of an agency, but they also help designers and developers to learn from each other. Seeing how designers work, create, build and play is.

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