Sri lanka agriculture technology and culture

For any civilization to prosper, agriculture has to be healthy and sustainable. We need to get our focus back on agriculture which is the primary industry. Our earth has plenty for everyone. We only have to manage its resources well.

Sri lanka agriculture technology and culture

See Article History Alternative Titles: Wolfgang Beyer Proximity to the Indian subcontinent has facilitated close cultural interaction between Sri Lanka and India from ancient times. At a crossroads of maritime routes traversing the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has also been exposed to cultural influences from other Asian civilizations.

Sri lanka agriculture technology and culture

Ancient Greek geographers called it Taprobane. Arabs referred to it as Serendib. Later European mapmakers called it Ceylon, a name still used occasionally for trade purposes. It officially became Sri Lanka in The distinctive civilization of Sri Lanka, with roots that can be traced back to the 6th century bce, is characterized by two factors: This civilization was further enriched by the influences of Hinduism and Islam.

Sri LankaTime-lapse video of Sri Lanka. Colombowhich emerged as the main urban centre during British rule, remains the executive and judicial capital of Sri Lanka; Sri Jayewardenepura Kottea Colombo suburb, is the legislative capital. For administrative purposes, the country has been divided into nine provinces and subdivided into 25 districts.

ColomboTown hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The majority of its people are poor, live in rural areas, and depend on agriculture for their livelihood. As the home of several ethnic groups, each with its own cultural heritage, Sri Lanka also has a highly varied cultural landscape.

Page 1 of Co-ordination of all agriculture technology matters in all institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture 4. Represent the Ministry of Agriculture at meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars and field activities on agriculture technology .

Agro Technology Park is one of the finest initiatives for agriculture extension, education and agro tourism implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka. The . TRADITIONAL AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY.

Sri Lanka has had an innovative agricultural technology. Sri Lanka has had a rich agricultural technology. Because we can found new methods and new instrument for agricultural works now a days.

EuroAsia Agro (Pvt) Ltd is formed by a social entrepreneur in consultation with experienced scientists in the field of Agricultural Technology of National and International standards.

The company is licensed in Sri Lanka . Culture of Sri Lanka - history, people, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social Sa-Th who live in remote areas of Sri Lanka and use a simple technology, This site has been very useful to me to do my citizenship homework about sri lankan culture.

I born sri lanka. I live with my mother and father and my family members. In spite of this shift away from agriculture, Sri Lanka has recently achieved near self-sufficiency in rice production and other staple foods.

Land Tenure and Property. Although private ownership of land has been well established in Sri Lanka since the precolonial period, most of the land is currently owned by the state and leased to private.

Sri lanka agriculture technology and culture
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