Sky writing ads for radio

Mail A radio station has lost its High Court challenge against a ban on an advertisement seeking information on Christians who feel "marginalised" at work.

Sky writing ads for radio

Email Share separate addresses by comma Radio has come a long way since it first began crackling across the airwaves in broad fashion years ago.


Today, in addition to entertaining listeners around the globe, radio is a powerful way for companies and brands to engage with consumers. In fact, a recent Nielsen Catalina Solutions NCS study found a direct link between radio advertising and brick-and-mortar retail sales—evidence that money spent on radio is money well spent.

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For the study, NCS reviewed the effectiveness of radio advertising by looking at the impact of specific ad campaigns across 10 brands—eight consumer packaged goods CPG brands and two retail brands.

To reach its findings, NCS used a combination of data collected from Nielsen Portable People Meters PPMs and information from 60 million shopper households to arrive at a single-source methodology that measured the specific media buys of the 10 brands across all radio commercials measured by Media Monitors on national and local stations.

Notably, the two retailers generated more than 10 and 23 times the return on the high end, while a soft drink brand and breakfast bar pulled in less than two times the return on the low end—though all provided positive return.

On average, radio drove 5. Among the brands, a mass retailer experienced the highest contribution to total brand sales at Overall, the radio campaigns proved to have a substantially stronger impact on sales among both of these demographics than the total population. For African Americans, the indexes range between about and for Hispanics.

For example, the share point gain driven by radio for the soft drink category among African Americans was 7. In fact, the study found that radio had an immediate impact in delivering a powerful sales lift when the audience heard the ad within a few days of purchase.

A consumer exposed to an ad within one day of purchasing increased the brand share by 9 percent, while messages delivered 28 days prior to purchase only increased share by 3.

This, in turn, inhibits marketers from upping the ante in their radio spend, fostering a cycle of low investment. By using single-source methodology, which links advertising and sales response for the same households, we can determine that radio does indeed drive sales.

However, the increase in sales is only among the small number of audience members that the ad reached due to the low GRP levels of the media schedules. For one of the snack brands, the radio campaign increased actual brand share by 32 percent and by 3.

sky writing ads for radio

These are large increases, though among a small number of people. Using single-source data with purchaser information to determine marketing effectiveness is a significant leap for advertising in this traditional, mass medium.

And as a result, radio may just now be coming into its golden age. Methodology These studies were conducted May 17, to Sept. The Nielsen persons are combined into 32, households. Of those, 14, were the same frequent shopper data FSD households, thus delivering 14, households that had both exposure to radio and purchased the supermarket products.

Within those 14, households, there were between 3, and 9, category-buying households eligible for analysis depending on the category of each brand.The result was unlike anything people had ever seen.

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In , one pilot staged a "smoke casting" demonstration over Times Square, writing a giant phone number into the sky. The sight is almost magical -- a tiny airplane writing gigantic messages across the sky.

This is skywriting. It began in England in when a British war ace skywrote the worlds first aerial message. Apr 09,  · Radio advertisements have navigated the airwaves since the early s. Early radio advertisements were known as under-writings. In these, a single advertiser would sponsor an entire radio program.

Today, most ads on the radio are presented as .

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sky writing ads for radio

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