Sg cowen hrm recruitment issues

Govind Kumar Verma Investment Banking Industry in Inthe main practice prevalent in the industry was consolidation. Many preferred stable revenue over higher margins during the year and targeted the custody business instead of the lending business. That strategy was backfiring on the banks as compensation costs became so high, that the company had declining profits. In recent years, the trend has changed; students are looking at large investment banks as career opportunities.

Sg cowen hrm recruitment issues

Filed Under: Business plans Tagged With: The case shows the modality through which the hiring process for new outside associates, which begins in the fall, works. The company has different sources of recruiting associates: Another source of candidates is students who are proposed a full-time contract after they finish their internship in the company.

A third option is to hire outside candidates from business schools. There are three main stages in which the case is developed: There are two types of interviewers: On Super Saturday senior bankers judge candidates for their potential in a long-term perspective. Super Saturday begin in Friday afternoon with informal conversations dinner, cocktails.

Then on Saturday, there are 30 candidates and 30 interviewers for the recruiting process which lasts in the morning. The alternative is external recruiting, which focuses on the hiring of candidates from business schools.

SG Cowen has multiple different core SG Cowen declined candidates for low technical skills, so it is very SG Cowen was first interested in the top 10 schools. These students are also tended to be more loyal to the company. The company is growing and will extend to Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, but they believe that they have their midst.

Therefore, it is becoming more charming to talented people. The company needs to hire 15 people between the 30 candidates that have been chosen to the Super Saturday. They want self-starter and not people who need to be told what they have to do.

Sg cowen hrm recruitment issues

Furthermore, the person who will be hired has to feed the needs of the company, as well as with his performance, planning and management skills.

So HRM concepts include: As we have already learned from strategic planning, progressive HRM practices can have a significant effect on Corporate performance.

In the case they are starting from the present bank sector and it needs a new team. So we can focus on recruitment process of HRM to analyze the case.

Sg cowen hrm recruitment issues

Two of the most important aspects of staffing are HRM planning and recruitment. Planning is the meaning of HR business planning, it belongs to past and present definition of personnel needs. Succession planning is the "process of ensuring that qualified persons are available to assume All in all, the model of The Organizational Recruitment Process suits perfectly to our case.

Planning and recruiting need a plan to go on. If we first look the model steps, we will see the following steps: Probably these steps are same in all the firms.SG Cowen is a financial firm in the U.S.

that is running a hiring process, conducted by Chip RAE who is the director of recruiting at SG Cowen. The case shows the modality through which the hiring process for new outside associates, which begins in the fall, works.

Sg Cowen Hrm Recruitment Issues Essay Human Resource Management Case SG Cowen: New Recruits Submitted by: Bharat Mehrotra Dhruv Agarwal Gaurav Sengupta Govind Bhotika Govind Kumar Verma Investment Banking Industry in In , the main practice prevalent in the industry was consolidation.

Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: May 13, Chip Rae, director of recruiting at SG Cowen, must decide which recruits to .

SG Cowen has a criteria of selecting students from the top 25 universities. However, the figure was changed from the criteria of top 10 core universities when the timings of recruitment did not match with the top universities as students were halfway mid in .

Evaluate SG Cowen’s current strategy for recruitment. What changes you would suggest to have an effective recruiting & selection strategy including target schools, providing information to candidates and making final choices for S G Cowen.5/5(9).

SG Cowen: New Recruits Essay Sample. Selecting the Candidate for Extending a Job Offer at SG Cowen The recruiting committee of SG Cowen is facing an important decision in regards to selecting two persons from the pool of four remaining candidates after all definite “Yes” and “No” have been identified.

SG Cowen New Recruits