Pretties scott westerfield essay

The Environment Beauty does not exist in sameness, but in difference.

Pretties scott westerfield essay

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This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Pretties The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld is the second installment in his Uglies science fiction trilogy.

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The story takes place in a futuristic dystopia. The main character is Tally Youngblood, a rebel who is against the state of conformity imposed by society. As the book opens, Tally has become a pretty and lives in New Pretty Town. One day, Tally is deciding what she should wear to a party being held that night.

At the party, she is supposed to be voted into a clique called the Crims. Later, someone begins following her. He seems to be a member of what is known as Special Circumstances. She approaches the man and realizes that it is Croy.


Croy is a Smokey whom she knew before becoming a pretty. He tells her that he has left a note for Tally in the Valentino Mansion and she needs to work to find it. Tally enlists the assistance of her friend Zane who is a leader of the Crims. When Tally finally finds the package, there is a letter that she had written to herself when she was an ugly.

The letter tells her that the pills in the package will cure the lesions that were placed on her brain while she underwent the surgery to make her a pretty. Tally had, back at the time she wrote the letter, agreed to be the first subject on which the cure would be tested. When she learns that the pills might cause permanent brain damage, Tally is not sure what to do.

Zane encourages Tally to take the cure and agrees to take it with her. As they hear Special Circumstances approaching each of them takes one of the pills.

She starts to devise a plot to escape from the city along with Zane and the Crims. The cure seems to have worked for Tally.

Zane, however, starts to suffer from painful headaches.

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Tally thinks that the only way to help him is to get him to the New Smoke where they can visit Maddy. Maddy is the doctor who invented the cure.About Us. is located in Sun Valley, CA and has been serving the Los Angeles, Ventura, and surrounding counties for years.

Pretties scott westerfield essay

We are family owned and operated, and we greatly value the importance of local business. Uglies and Pretties are both nearly impossible to put down. PLUS an exclusive look at Scott Westerfeld’s first draft of Extras — starring Hiro, not Aya.

And so much more, it’s mind-wrecking. Here’s an interview I did about Uglies with Simon & Schuster’s book newsletter for teens. Chelsea Dowding-Hopkins Year 9 – Mrs Graham INS essay Uglies by Scott Westerfield One of the main themes in Scott Westerfield’s text Uglies is the conflict teenagers have with where they stand in society and learning to respect and value themselves.

Essay Scott Fitzgerald. Scott Fitzgerald the writer of ‘The Great Gatsby’ was born in into an upper middle class family in Minnesota. He spent the majority of his childhood from the age of two to seven in New York giving him an in depth knowledge to city life style costume of New York.

How would one describe the Pretties in Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Pretties? How would one describe the Pretties in Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Pretties? How would one describe the Pretties in Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Pretties?


Uglies Discussion Questions Here are ten questions that I wrote to generate discussions about my book Uglies. Feel free to copy, adapt, distribute, and otherwise use these questions in any way you desire.

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