Management of shell company

The Royal Dutch Shell Group was created in April through the amalgamation of two rival companies: The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company the quotation marks were part of the legal name was a British company, founded in by Marcus Samuel1st Viscount Bearsted, and his brother Samuel Samuel.

Management of shell company

Management of Shell Company Executive Summary The report investigates on how Royal Dutch Shell should reduce the issues of oil spill by utilizing two managerial functions which are leading and controlling.

This problem is primarily due to the operational failures, such as equipment failure and human error.

It is found that Shell has been engaged in solving issue that significantly disadvantageous for Shell. In response to these incidents, Shell was forced to solve these issues as soon as possible. This report includes investigation of relevant theories and concepts selected from leading and controlling to improve the quality of the equipment and infrastructure, followed by the controls needed to solve this problem and achieve its goal by Based on the investigations, recommendations would be provided for Shell to perform.

This analysis is carried out to respond to the ethical issues and practices using the leading and controlling function.

Motivation from the leading function shows that motivated employees can bring out the best in the organization. To solve the ethical issues and practices, the motivating function theories was undertaken. Using these approaches, problems in the organization is detected and the leadership theories are crucial for the Royal Dutch Shell Company to maintain good relationship between employees and employers.

Evaluation from controlling includes comparing and taking managerial action as control process; implementing feed-forward, concurrent control and feedback control. Sufficient analysis showed that taking basic corrective action as a control process would be a better alternative to improve the condition of facilities.

Feed-forward control would be successful in anticipating problems to occur by implementing managerial actions beforehand whereas concurrent control can correct problems before it becomes too costly and much waste of resources has occurred; feedback control would provide meaningful information to make a better decision for future plan.

From this, the report concludes and recommendations which aims to put Royal Dutch Shell as the best firm.

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These strategies aim to solve problems encountering by Shell using management functions based on the analysis. As a company should have ethical values and practices to have better public expectations and public image. These two companies has been cooperating with each other to form many of the largest oil and gas company around the world such as Shell Malaysia, Shell Nigeria, Shell Africa and many more.

However, the Royal Dutch Shell Company is currently facing ethical issues such as environmental pollution due to the oil spill in the freshwater that occurred in the year As supported by Dr.

C and Badejo O. Not only that, the Royal Dutch Shell Company facilities usage has been more than 20 years which leads to the oil-spill.

Sustainability is a long-term corporation approach to the balance of business priorities with social, economic, and environment responsibilities Breyfogle.

Royal Dutch Shell should have as a major salient aspects as of sustainability concept. For instance, Royal Dutch Shell should have fairness and equity between employees to signify the aspect of good society and create variations to inform future disputes about sustainability.

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Another concept that the company of Royal Dutch Shell has to face is the ethical concepts of accountability. According to Staql H. Accountability is meant by a promise to oneself and others to deliver specific, defined results with consequences. A company should have these ethical concepts to have fair and sustainable situations while on a job.

Supported by Kamal F. Good business ethics are not only preferred from a moral point of view but are an essential contributor to survive in a global economy and boost the bottom line.

Therefore, our management had chosen the country Nigeria as the main focus of the oil spill issue due to having the largest oil spill issue in the world with 14, tons of spilled crude oil in the year By using the management functions of Leading and Controlling, our company would assist Royal Dutch Shell Company to achieve goals that can solve the issue of environmental pollution.

This report is specifically applies to the top managers who controls the work of workers and both the first and middle-class managers of the Royal Dutch Shell Company.

Management of shell company

The two management function chosen is Leading and Controlling. Controlling is when it involves monitoring actual performance, comparing actual to standard, and taking necessary actions Robbins et. Therefore at the second section of this report will be a discussion on the problems, causes, plans to achieve goals and management theories that can be used by the Royal Dutch Shell Company to solve ethical issues and practices.

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Later in the third and fourth section, this report would be based on the conclusion that our company feels that is best suited for the Royal Dutch Shell Company to pursue and few recommendations and advice that would be given to the organization to be able to solve and achieve goals suggested.

Therefore, our company recommends plans such as to make sure facilities during the operation are in good condition, to employ clean-up crews and implement clean-up operation after the oil spill and to conduct casual experiments on the prevention of oil spills during the drilling.

The Leading function is the key to effective communication among employees to sustain relationship between bosses and co-workers.A shell company is a business that’s created to hold funds and manage another entity’s financial transactions.

Unlike traditional companies, shell corporations don’t have . To ensure you reach the right contact at Shell, please use the proper information below.

Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) Chief Executive Officer, Ben van Beurden, today updated investors on the company’s strategy, setting out plans to grow returns and free cash flow, and outlining its ambition to reduce the net carbon footprint of its energy products.

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Shell Asset Management Company is based out of The Hague. Their last reported 13F filing for Q2 included $4,,, in managed 13F securities and a top 10 holdings concentration of %. Executive Committee The Royal Dutch Shell plc Executive Committee operates under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for Shell’s overall business and affairs.

The Chief Executive Officer has final authority in all matters of management that are not within the duties and authorities of the Board or of the.

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