Keeping public toilet clean essay

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Keeping public toilet clean essay

As high school students, we spend at least seven hours in school every school day. We all desire clean classrooms, tidy playgrounds, bright gyms, unpolluted hallways, and hygienic restrooms.

However, recently, due to surging government budget cuts, we are seeing an increasing deduction in janitorial services at public high schools around the nation. What do you do if your bedroom at home gets messy? What if the place that gets messy is not your bedroom but a place you spend just as much time?

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Would you rather see the place get messier and suffer from the consequences instead of cleaning it? A rational and reasonable person would take action to clean the place.

Thus, the solution to the problem of rising neglect in keeping our schools clean is straightforward: Requiring students to clean their own schools will fill in this gap in several definitive ways.

These two contrasting approaches will mold two different kinds of people in our society. Do you want to be neighbors with people who regularly help clean the neighborhood or with people who believe neighborhood cleaning is none of their business?

Do you prefer to work with someone who is willing and able to take responsibility for a task or with someone who expects you to take care of it?

The answers are obvious. As a high school student, will you feel thankful that a school activity fosters the sense of responsibility in your mind so that you become a well-trusted person for the rest of your life?

The intrinsic value of personal responsibility in this activity is significant and far-reaching. In addition, working together to clean the school presents an excellent opportunity for students to learn and practice cooperation with others.

Keeping public toilet clean essay

Cleaning school facilities as a group activity requires students to communicate, help, and coordinate with one another. Such a collective effort will help students develop skills in working with others and learn the concept of team spirit.

Without the chance to interact with peers in a common task on a regular basis, it is impossible for young people to grow the desire and acquire the skills to collaborate with others.

As a high school student, will you feel appreciative that a school activity improves your interest and abilities in team work so that you become a well-liked person for the rest of your life? The innate value of team work in this activity is significant and far-reaching.

Furthermore, having students clean up their schools helps them develop a sense of appreciation for the work of others. Through vacuuming floors, scrubbing walls, mopping desks, dusting windows, sweeping grounds, and watering plants, students will become aware of the amount of labor involved in keeping a clean school.

Accordingly, they will appreciate the work their parents have done in tidying up their homes and the efforts their neighbors have made in cleaning up their communities. When people appreciate the work others have done for them, they will become more respectful. Being respectful contributes to happiness, friendship, love, opportunities, success, and many other lifelong benefits; thus, it stands to reason that being respectful will make one be respected.

As a high school student, will you feel grateful that a school activity instills appreciation and respect in your mind so that you become a well-respected person for the rest of your life? The essential value of respect in this activity is significant and far-reaching.

As is common with any new concept, the idea of having high school students clean their campuses will encounter its share of oppositions. Some people may argue that since high school students are already burdened with a heavy academic load, spending time on school cleaning would be a waste of their precious time.

There is no denying that high school students are hard-pressed with their academic schedules. However, fifteen minutes a day on school cleaning is not a considerable amount of time compared to the total after-school time the students have. In fact, most students often unknowingly dawdle away the first fifteen minutes or so of their after-school time.

If they spend these fifteen minutes on school cleaning, what they can learn and achieve will far exceed the benefits of what they would otherwise be doing. The fact that high school students are under substantial academic pressure itself makes school cleaning all the more important; this activity will help them develop values that cannot be learned in doing homework, yet are crucial for their future.

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