It is impossible to be completely honest with your friend essay

All Americans deserve better. No one cares about me. I met the man who said those words while working as a bartender in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. It was a one-street town in Benton County.

It is impossible to be completely honest with your friend essay

A love-hate relationship I started experimenting with alcohol when I was around 17 years old and like most young people of that age in the UKI would go out drinking with my friends most Friday and Saturday nights.

It is impossible to be completely honest with your friend essay

Undeterred by this, during my twenties Friday night drinks after work became the norm and what became evermore apparent was my inability to know when to stop drinking once I had started.

As a result, I spent many a Saturday in bed suffering with a hangover, trying to cure it with THC in a bubbler and trying to piece together the events of the night before.

Giving up alcohol completely felt like a totally over the top reaction at that point in my life. Over the years however, I got tired of the negative impact drinking had on my life and seriously started to cut down.

I avoided situations guaranteed to end in regret like Friday night drinks and work Christmas parties and started to make alternative arrangements instead. At the time people complained and tried to encourage me to continue drinking ironically by detailing accounts of their own drunken mishaps and hangover hells, but not one to conform I successfully stuck to my guns and significantly reduced my alcohol consumption.

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Fast forward a couple of years to and I had reached a point where I barely drank alcohol, maybe a drama free evening of drinking once every few months that would consist of a glass or two of wine. But in late there were a couple of social situations where I felt that my drinking had once again, got out of control.

It was at that point, at the age of 33 that I decided it was time to call it a day on drinking. The difficult side of not drinking 1.

This can be somewhat infuriating and the irony is that the more drunk people get the more opinionated they are likely to be about my life choice not to drink.

Losing friends As a drinker, I had some friendships that were solely based upon nights in the pub. That has been my experience anyhow. The recent festive season is a classic example. Something that I am in the main comfortable with, but sometimes in my more vulnerable moments struggle with.

The benefits of a life without alcohol 1. Every second counts For me one of the biggest benefits of not drinking has been getting time back, not just the time previously wasted suffering from a hangover but also the time spent being drunk.

These days I am a very cheap date! I usually choose to drink lime and soda, which generally costs under 50p and on occasion, has been given to me for free by the bartender. These have included, attending meetings such as Toastmasters or doing classes such as Pilates, painting and hula hooping.

I do still go to the pub on occasion but not nearly as much as I used to and if I do I try to make sure that there is something else going on such as a comedy night or a meal. This is when the customary headache and nausea is accompanied by some serious self-loathing and questions like: Did I do anything stupid?

Why did I tell that person all that personal stuff?

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And in more extreme situations how did I get home? Going out and spending an evening chatting with friends in the pub and waking up the next day free of the blues and the physical side effects never fails to make me feel amazing. Not drinking is something that I battled with for years, precisely because being teetotal is so rare in my society, but having made the leap, I have absolutely no regrets about my decision.

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Living without alcohol nearly 7 years on an update In Januaryit will be 7 years since I stopped drinking alcohol and 6 years since I wrote this post. See below for details. Have you been considering doing a Dry January? Are you tired of the effects of your alcohol consumption?

Would you like to take a break from drinking? Starting on January 2ndthis email course supports you to take a day break from drinking alcohol and in the process learn a thing or two about habits, how to break bad ones and form new ones that will support you to live a more fulfilling life.God didn't ask the impossible of me, only the incredibly difficult.

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Sep 04,  · TOPIC:It is impossible to be completely honest with your friend. It is undisputed that honest is the fundament of making true friends. Only being honest to our friends can we receive respect and help from them. From this perspective, several people hold the view that we should be completely honest with our friends.

Essay topics: It is impossible to be completely honest with your friends.

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Submitted by firefly on Sat, 08/16/ - While some contend that honesty is the best policy, others tend to consider white lies as a necessary element of interpersonal relationships.

agree or disagree:it is impossible to be completely honest with your friends. ; 4; 1; English ; it is really impossible to be completely honest with our friends. Admittedly, honesty is one of the essential characteristics of good friends because we can count on them.

it is impossible to completely honest with our friends. This. Can an Animal Be Your Friend? Essay CAN AN ANIMAL BE YOUR FRIEND It is impossible to be completely honest with your friend? Little fibs are justified in certain circumstances.

Sometimes telling the complete truth can even be inappropriate or cumbersome. Therefore, it is impossible to be completely honest with friends.

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