Hookah bar business plan pdf

The business will generate revenues through the sale of flavored tobaccos, non-alcoholic drinks, and appetizers. The business seeks angel investor funding to launch its first bar. Exit for investors is possible from sale of the franchise to a chain of bars looking to expand their market.

Hookah bar business plan pdf

Special qualifications include jobs that require specific managerial, technical or language skills. For example, a resort in Cancun may offer employment to a foreigner who is bilingual and has international training in hospitality management.

The majority of Mexicans are self-employed in some enterprise, either formally or informally. Some are multinational corporations, such as Wal-Mart or General Motors.

Foreign manufacturers have moved some of their operations to Mexican factories, called maquiladoras. Individual entrepreneurs start various kinds of businesses, such as opening a small hotel, managing a real estate agency, operating a tour company or simply renting their vacation home.

Others work for foreign employers, using the Internet to telecommute to the office. Regardless of the business you conduct in Mexico, however, any income earned while physically in Mexico is subject to Mexican taxation, whether the income is from a foreign or domestic source.

Not that long ago, the laws were rarely enforced and foreigners were tempted to ignore them. Those who do so today are taking the unnecessary risk of losing their business investment. Business Activity There are some business activities in which foreigners are not allowed to participate.

hookah bar business plan pdf

Only the Mexican Government can operate a business involved with oil exploration, extraction or distribution. Some business activities require that all or some of the stock holders or members of the company be Mexican citizens. The mining and transportation industries are among these.

But most business activities pursued by foreigners are not restricted. If you are unsure if your proposed business activity is restricted, contact us for clarification.

Work Visa The first step in starting a business in Mexico is to obtain the correct visa. Resident visas with provisions that allow the visa holder to earn income in Mexico are mandatory.

The requirements for obtaining one of these visas are straightforward, and if the requirements are satisfied, approval is routine. To learn how to apply for a resident visa, read our article: FM3 and FM2 Visas. For comprehensive information about immigration laws and procedures, download our Immigration Guide.

If you form a company in Mexico, actions taken by a foreigner as an officer of the company without proper visa status will have no legal effect. While the process of obtaining proper visa status is pending, major acts or transactions may be conducted on behalf of the company by a special delegate appointed specifically for such purposes by a member meeting in the case of a Limited Liability Company or by a shareholders meeting in the case of a corporation.

Tax Identity There are two types of tax identities in Mexico. A persona fisica is an individual taxpayer. A persona moral is a business entity, such as a corporation. If you work as an individual and earn income directly from clients, or if you work for a Mexican company and receive income or dividends, you are required to pay taxes as a persona fisica using your personal tax identification number.

If you establish a Mexican corporation or Limited Liability Company, the business entity is required to pay income taxes as a persona moral using its tax identification number.

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Business Structure The business structure you choose will depend on your business activity, level of expected income, type of capital equipment, number of employees, legal liabilities and many other factors. Independent Contractor If you are an individual providing your services to clients and are willing to accept personal liability, then you can probably conduct business and pay taxes as a persona fisica and not establish a Mexican business entity.

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Thirteen hookah bar business plan Dialogue StrategiesIf you are looking to start a business where you set the rules and make money by socializing,then there can’t be any better idea than starting your own nightclub. This comprehensive business and marketing plan is a must have for potential lounge owners as well as others in need of obtaining a complete analysis of the requirements involved in opening up a Hookah smoking establishment.

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