Exam questions by learning outcomes

The agenda combines central knowledge-based lectures for nurses working in the ICU with an essential review of nursing care and interventions according to the AACN exam blueprint for the critical care provider.

Exam questions by learning outcomes

The Public Speaking Project

Refactoring The learning outcomes for our discussion of refactoring are: Discuss the reasons that cause refactoring to be needed and the steps involved in doing a refactoring operation Describe the refactoring that your project team did in the case-study project Discuss what the cyclomatic complexity metric measures and how you can reduce it in your program flow Anti-Patterns In class, we discussed the following anti-patterns: The learning outcomes for anti-patterns are: Define an anti-pattern For each of the anti-patterns discussed: Describe the symptoms that often exist in a software system that are indicators of the anti-pattern Describe the forces that cause the anti-pattern to form in the first place Describe the steps that should be followed to eliminate an anti-pattern from your software system Design Problem The design problem will be similar to the design exercise done at the very start of the course, and the one that was done as part of the Final Exam review.

The requirements for a small software system will be provided to you. You will be required to: Decompose the system into object classes and document the decomposition using UML class diagrams Describe the responsiblities and collaborations for each class with a CRC card Apply appropriate design patterns and describe the use of the pattern in the context of the specific software system being designed Show the dynamic operation of system features using UML sequence diagrams Exam Study Guides There are three exams during the course.

Each exam will cover the Classic Design Patterns listed below for that exam. These were the patterns discussed in class and you should have been doing additional studying of them outside of the class discussion.

Learning Outcomes and Exam Study Guides

Each exam may also have questions on one or more of the bonus patterns. You can answer questions on these patterns for bonus points on the exam.

It also will cover web services. The Final Exam will cover AdapterFacade and possibly questions on the bonus patterns. You should expect to spend at least half of the exam time working on a design problem similar to the exercise that was done in class.

Exam questions by learning outcomes

You will be asked similar questions about the decomposition of the system, its domain model, a class structure for your proposed software design, dynamic interactions for a feature, and use of design patterns.

For patterns covered by the exams, you will be expected to demonstrate the common learning outcomes applicable to every pattern, as well as the pattern-specific learning outcomes.

You may also refer to this list of potential exam questions.

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Questions may also be taken from the weekly discussion topics in myCourses. You may bring to each exam one 8. This must be handwritten. At Exam 1, you will be given a design pattern information packet that has the intent and structure for each classic pattern and bonus pattern listed above.

Save this design pattern information packet and remember to bring it to Exam 2 and the Final Exam.

Exam questions by learning outcomes

If you lose your copy, you will have to print another copy on your own. Tuesday December 12, A test or examination (informally, exam or evaluation) is an assessment intended to measure a test-taker's knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics (e.g., beliefs).

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Please bring in your OSU ID with you when picking up. The ParaPro Assessment is a general aptitude test that is required in many states for paraprofessional certification. It also offers school districts an objective assessment .

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• Student learning outcomes/objectives are the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that • You might use some of your old exam questions and let students see what an A answer looks like and how it differs Aligning Test Items with Course Learning Objectives.



Jennifer E. Roberts. Public Speaking: The Virtual Text is a free online public speaking textbook. Chapters appear in PDF format and may be printed in black and white or in color.

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