Baton rouge business report circulation pump

Rope pump Devised in China as chain pumps over years ago, these pumps can be made from very simple materials: A rope, a wheel and a PVC pipe are sufficient to make a simple rope pump. Rope pump efficiency has been studied by grass roots organizations and the techniques for making and running them have been continuously improved.

Baton rouge business report circulation pump

We are pleased to again welcome Philip Leigh, who brings us a long-form guest post on how the Reconstruction shaped the southern states.

Shortly before the Centennial it was generally agreed that the chief aim of the Republican-dominated Congress was to ensure lasting Party control of the federal government by creating a reliable voting bloc in the South for which improved racial status among blacks was a paired, but secondary, objective.

However, by the Sesquicentennial it had become the accepted view that Republicans were primarily motivated by an enlightened drive for racial equality uncorrupted by anything more than minor self interest. Due to the presently dominant race-centric focus on the era, analysis of the economic aspects of Reconstruction merit dedicated attention, as does a reexamination of Republican motives.

Such is the purpose of this paper. Prior to the war the South had a bimodal wealth distribution with concentrations at the poles. The classic planter with fifty or more slaves had a prosperous estate much like the fictional Tara in Gone With the Wind.

However, there were only about 8, such families, which was less than one percent of the total. Nearly a century after the war ineight of the ten states with the lowest per capita income were former Confederate states.

Similarly, years after the war started only one Southern state, Virginia, ranked within the top ten in per capita adjusted gross income as reported to the Internal Revenue Service whereas five of the bottom ten in were Confederate states.

The classic example is Mississippi, which ranked number one in per capita wealth, but was dead last at fiftieth in per capita income. The depths of post Civil War Southern poverty and its duration were far greater, longer, and more multiracial than is commonly realized.

People who talk of further retaliation and punishment…do not conceive of the suffering endured already, or they are heartless. Steamboats had nearly disappeared from the rivers.

One hundred million dollars in insurance investments and twice that amount in bank assets had vanished. Since their protective levees had been destroyed, thousands of square miles of Mississippi delta cotton lands were overrun with briers and cane thickets.

Returning Confederate soldiers often found their families existing in conditions of near, if not actual, starvation. Within thirty miles of Atlanta an estimated 35, others were destitute and near starvation.

Thousands more like him rebuilt their burned homes and wrecked farms.

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When there was a shortage of work stock, the few surviving animals were passed from neighbor to neighbor. By ingenuity, backbreaking toil, and cruel self-denial thousands of Southern farmers survived reconstruction…They received no aid from any source, nor any sympathy outside the region.

Infifteen years after the war, the value of Southern farms was only two-thirds of the antebellum figure. So great was the devastation and anemic the rebound that by the South had barely recovered to the level of economic activity prior to the Civil War.

Among such factors were property confiscation, Republican Party self-interest, discriminatory federal budgets, protective tariffs, unfair banking regulations, and lax monopoly regulation.Circulator Pumps. Water Filtration & Treatment. Condensate Pumps.

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baton rouge business report circulation pump

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baton rouge business report circulation pump

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