A research on the issues on argument

There is an old kung-fu saying which states, "The hand that strikes also blocks", meaning that when you argue it is to your advantage to anticipate your opposition and strike down their arguments within the body of your own paper.

A research on the issues on argument

Topic suggestions for Argumentative Research paper: Asking a question isn't a thesis; providing an answer is.

Stating a problem isn't a thesis; offering a solution is. So you must articulate a position on an issue. If you doubt your thesis, use the word "should" in the thesis to ensure that the thesis statement is arguing for or against something.

As for potential topics that could be framed in a thesis statement, you know that much exists on the web, in newspapers and magazines, and certainly on TV and radio that lend themselves to potential topic ideas.

If you need help finding a topic, here are a couple of websites to help get you started: Cal State at Long Beach Hot Topics page this one has a large collection of links to other college and university argument topics websites The New York Times has a list of topics as good as any, but not every topic will work for our assignment.

At minimum, the list should give you some ideas. You could certainly just google "argument topics" or "research topics" and wander through the results until you hit upon something you believe might work.

Otherwise, consider the suggestions below.

The Stem Cell Debate: Is it Over?

Each has been proposed as a topic for this assignment and I consider each a viable topic choice. We should develop some sort [what sort? Not all free expression is protected by the First Amendment. We should initiate a single-payer health insurance program in the United States and model the program on successful ones used in Europe [or Canada].

Or we should implement a voucher-based system of health insurance nationwide. We should use death row inmates as subjects for medical testing rather than animals. Drivers in the state of Minnesota who are over 70 years old must pass an annual test for eyesight and physical ability before they can renew their driver's license.

All Minnesota K - 12 public schools should adopt a school uniform policy. We should not allow novels that include explicit or mature content in high school libraries examples include The Crucible or Huck Finn.

Physician-assisted suicide should be legal in cases where death is certain and consent is from the dying in writing. All animal experimentation including cancer research should be outlawed as advances in technology have made animal testing unnecessary.

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Parents should consider plastic surgery to alter physical features of a child born with a handicap such as Downs Syndrome or other birth defectand insurance should pay for it. The classroom size of grades K through 5 statewide should be set at a maximum of 20 students.

We should not lower any physical requirement guidelines so that women may be admitted in the military [or fire or police departments]. Fathers should be allowed the same treatment as mothers in family court decisions. Too many times the mother is favored because of the "nurturing" stereotype.

Children should not be exposed to computer technology until late in the education process [which year? We should legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Or we should legalize marijuana completely as a legal recreational and therapeutic drug. Or we should ban the use of marijuana for any purpose [statewide or nationwide].

We should encourage alternative medicinal solutions to diseases first [such as? Furthermore, alternative medicine should be covered by conventional health insurance policies. Every state should enact a divorce counseling law that requires married couples to go through counseling before being granted a divorce.

We should outlaw genetically modified foods until further research [how much? Genetic modification should be banned until necessary safeguards and precautions can be established to allow the research to be conducted safely and prudently.Sep 11,  · Issues & Controversies Full text of balanced, accurate discussions of over controversial topics in the news supplemented with chronologies, illustrations, maps, tables, sidebars, contact information, and bibliographies including primary source documents and news editorials.

Feb 05,  · For our Second Annual Student Editorial Contest, in which teenagers are invited to write on an issue they care about, we have gathered a list of writing prompts that may help — an update to last year’s popular list of Argument in Research Papers. An argumentative research paper needs to support your stand on an issue.

An argumentative research paper is analytical, but it uses information as evidence to support its point, much as . Failure to develop a coherent and persuasive argument for the proposed research. Failure to stay focused on the research problem; going off on unrelated tangents.


Sloppy or imprecise writing, or poor grammar. Too much detail on minor issues, but not enough detail on major issues. Procter, Margaret. The Academic Proposal. The Lab Report. When writing a research paper on abortion, the first thing to do is to research a specific topic that is controversial or worth questioning.

You should be quite interested in the topic so that you will have time and enthusiasm when conducting research. Social Problems Paper Masters shows you how to write a research paper on any social problem subject using the topics you see on this web site.

The Reflective Paper should demonstrate understanding of the reading assignments as well as .

A research on the issues on argument
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