A leadership role model

Read in 2 minutes Become the Change You Want to See You must become the change you want to see in your team or organisation. Are you a good leadership role model?

A leadership role model

While the original comic-book character is more than 75 years old, the leadership lessons he embodies continue to evolve. So what can the star-spangled Avenger teach you about running your business?

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Civil War, Rogers gives up his invulnerable shield and patriotic costume and resigns the mantle of Captain America. He does this because he cannot abide by the government's proposed legislation to register all those with superpowers.

So before the start of Avengers: They use their personal power to lead. Level 5 Leadership as combining extreme humility with incredible willpower. Cap sees value in everyone. As a result, he is able to balance world-sized egos and powerhouse monsters, finding the value in each of his teammates regardless of their background, powers, or personality.

He refuses to give up on his childhood friend and eventually is able to bring him onto his own team.

Have a solid core. Rogers even before he gains superpowers has incredible integrity and conviction. Later, that same strong moral core helps him stand by his convictions and refuse to compromise.

Strong leaders can be seen sometimes as fanatical, but the key is to focus on what they are fanatical about. In the case of Rogers, it is "truth, justice and the American way.

Instead, he leads not just with words but with action. He is always the first into the fray and always the last to retreat from the battlefield. Similarly, the best leaders set the bar high and ask others to rise to their level. Be transparent and accountable. Every action has consequences, and it is every leader's job to accept both the good and bad that comes from their decisions.

He pays a great price for this choice: Rogers learns firsthand the price of not being transparent, honest, and accountable.

A leadership role model

While Rogers may not wear the red, white, and blue for the movie, his leadership lessons will still likely remain front and center. Apr 30, More from Inc.The King Who Led with a Towel – Jesus the Servant Leadership Role Model By Rick Sessoms and Colin Buckland on 04/10/ in Leadership Style, Modeled on Jesus, Servant Leadership The teachings and life style of Jesus are significant in the Christian’s life.

Integrity is the stable force behind countless leadership role models. Great leaders model integrity by being honest and doing what is right no matter the circumstances. An individual who is looked up to and revered by someone else.

A role model is someone who other individuals aspire to be like, either in the present or in the future. A role model may be someone who you know and interact with on a regular basis, or may be someone who you've never met, such as a celebrity.

traditional model of capitalism. It’s times like these that many executives and management personnel find a place to hide until the storm blows over, avoiding dealing with profit losses and confrontations with employees.

However, if leaders do just the opposite and focus on their own leadership effectiveness, employee satisfaction and com-. The world is in desperate need of a new leadership role model, says a popular author and business expert, who wants to fill that gap by offering an adaption of his Lead Like Jesus book and program called "Ignite" to high school students.

A leadership role model

Whatever route leaders take, the goal is to use the leadership model to help that leader become successful in their current or future role. “The outcome is individualized,” said Santhanam. Making Change One Leader at a Time. The results from programs tied to the leadership model resulted in higher performance and retention.

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